15 Easy Ways to Master the Modern Farmhouse Style Decor Trend

Inspired by HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, farmhouse style has become one of 2017’s hottest home decor trends. But when you’re not actually a chic farm girl, cultivating some rustic-glam vibes isn’t easy. So, as always, we’ve got you covered. From incorporating natural finishes and vintage-inspired accessories to playing with textures, here are 15 easy ways to bring *all* the country feels to your home. No dirty work required. GALLERY WALLS 1. Black, White, and Barn-Ready: For a not-so-OTT weathered decor, harness minimalist accents in a small, over-the-dresser display. A trip to your local flea market will get you all of the simple block quotes and bold, aging keys you’ll need to make this subtly countrified gallery wall. (via The

All Roads Silk Tassels

There’s something so beautifully poetic about All Roads’ silk tassels that I’m desperately trying to justify enough reasons to purchase them in every dreamy, soft hued color. I also have a compulsive need to run my hands through the shiny silk threads over and over again. So it’s without question that I must hoard all the silk tassels to use as curtain tie backs, door tags and even simply clustered to hang together on a wall.